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I'm probably the only oddball here who needs to do this, but here is a convertion between the various wire gauge standards.

The first chart list AWG (American Wire Gauge) and relevant information. I used the ohms/km to find the equivalent in Euro Metric wire gauges.

The second chart shows Euro Metic wire and the nearest equivalent American wire. The '>' sign indicated the the Euro wire is greater/better than the nearest equivalent AWG.

The third chart correlates UK Imperial Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) to the nearest equivalent American Wire Gauge (AWG). Here I used wire diameters to determine equivalents.

For what it's worth.

Using Standard AWG designations -

12ga ... 0.0808" dia ... 2.05mm dia ... 5.208ohm/km
14ga ... 0.6410" dia ... 1.63mm dia ... 10.44ohm/km
16ga ... 0.0508" dia ... 1.29mm dia ... 13.17ohm/km
18ga ... 0.0403" dia ... 1.02mm dia ... 20.94ohm/km

Euro Standard Wire -

1x1.00mm2 ... 18.10ohm/km ... > 18 ga AWG
1x1.50mm2 ... 12.10ohm/km ... > 16 ga AWG
1x2.50mm2 .... 7.40ohm/km .... > 14 ga AWG
1x4.00mm2 .... 4.61ohm.km .... > 12 ga AWG

UK Imperial Standard Wire Gauge (SWG)

SWG [ga(dia)] ... AWG [ga(dia)]

12ga(.104") ..... 10ga(.1019")
14ga(.080") ..... 12ga(.0808")
16ga(.064") ..... 14ga(.0641")
17ga(.056") ..... 15ga(.0570"), 16ga(.0508")
18ga(.048") ..... 17ga(.0453"), 18ga(.0403")

Conclusion - for most users the ideal wire is 14ga AWG, 16ga SWG, 2.50mm2 Euro.

I've saved this to my computer, so when it comes up in discussions, I can refer to it and quote the correct and relevant UK/Euro wire. Keep in mind that in the USA, wire is only available in even numbered gauges.


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