Speaker Wall Brackets for Philips Surround Speakers


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Hi Folks

About to take delivery of my Philips 32PW9617 and I want to wall mount the wireless rear speakers. Has anyone else done this? Can you recommend any brackets for me?

Also, can the mains connection be set up to either speaker (ie are the left and rights selectable) as I've only got plug sockets down the one side, and did the mains lead give you enough length to run the lead up the wall (I'm guessing I'll need 8 / 9 feet..?

Any help much appreciated



Can't help you on wall brackets, I used IKEA floor stands for mine.
They look good, are cheap ( 19 Pounds) and are effective for the class of the speaker.
The mains lead is hard wired to one of the speakers, the lead is about 6 feet long. That speaker has a switch on it that allows you to designate it as either the left or right speaker. It also has a switch to vary, 1 thru 5, the wireless channel that the TV uses to transmit the rear L/R info. You have to also set the appropriate channel in one of the TV interactive menus. This "active" speaker is then connected to the other speaker using ordinary speaker cable. A cheapo, very thin, length is supplied, I used mains cable for mine.


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Cheers LP

I'm a bit worried my Little 'Un will topple some speaker stands but I'll check how sturdy the Ikea ones look before I buy me some brackets.



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I found the the little hole you are supposed to use to hang the speaker on was too small to get any screw capable of taking the weight. I went to B&Q and got some small wall brackets that attach to the back and have simple ball and socket type thing that aloows the angle of dangle to be set how ever you want it. Thought I did have to do a bit of modding on the speakers to attach the brackets so make sure they work before you start hacking.


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I cant help with the wall bracket, just interested to know what the 32pw9617 is like when you get it as Im interested in the same model but during january sales. Also I saw another model in the phillips catalogue 32pw9767 which I think is the same as the 9617 but has more flat screen, has mosaic picture(whatever that is?) and you can watch two pictures at the same time.

please let me know what you think of it once you get it



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Originally posted by GJD
can the mains connection be set up to either speaker (ie are the left and rights selectable)

The rear speakers can be selected as L or R (there's a little switch).



I can second that, as I've got a Philips 36" 9607 and use the speaker stands from Ikea as well (I think there called Justis or something like that).

Didn't have to screw the speakers into the stand, they fit well into the top of the stand and do not move (they haven't yet anyways!).

I also like the fact you can feed the wire up inside the stands, very neat.

Enjoy the TV!


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