Speaker upgrade....?

chris V

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Currently have 2 x M&K K4 tripole (rear) 3 x M&K K5 (Left,centre,right) & M&K KX10 sub. All fed from a Pioneer AX5ai.

Any suggestions for speaker/sub upgrades?

Found this lot on flea-bay. What do you reckon?

3 x M&K LCR 750 THX speakers (200watt professional speakers)

2 x M&K Surround 550 THX speakers (200watt professional speakers)

1 x Monitor Audio RSW12 subwoofer (500watt active subwoofer)[/FONT]

Thanks guys

Chris V


Hi chris - The 750's and 550 surrounds are cracking speakers and definitly a worthy upgrade from you're existing setup :thumbsup: the only one i am not too sure about is the MA sub which i am not familiar with, but i would consider either adding something further up the M&K sub range or look at something like the SVS SB12+ which i have heard and would certainly do you nicely and be a good match with the M&K's.

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