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I currently own a Marantz CD600, a Marantz MP4200 and Jamo E800 bookshelf speakers. I would like to upgrade my speakers (can't really afford to upgrade the whole setup) but don't have any idaea what would be a good choice. I am seeking any advice as I have very limited knowledge in regards to audio equipment. My budget is around £400-500.

Thanks in advance.


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Go to a hifi shop, take some of your favourite CDs and listen to a few models as suggested by the staff that are within your budget. Leave your credit card at home.

Then, if you have another shop within easy travelling distance, go there and do the same (they will probably have different models in stock). Again, leave your credit card at home.

Once you have a short-list, either try and take your kit into the dealer, or get a home loan - you will need a credit card for this bit, and some dealers will say no!

Buy whatever sounds:

Good to you
Better than what you have
Will accomodate upgrades to your source and amp later


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The advice above is obviously vital to follow, but I could suggest a couple of floorstanding models, if that's what you want- Monitor Audio RS5 (450), Castle compact column (550), kef iQ5 (400). One magazines raves about the kef but to me they were the worst. I chose Castles over MA partly due to looks :D but they also sound stunning! Only problem you can't biwire or biamp, should you wish to later.

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