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hi there
i am considering upgrading my current speaker package (see below) to the following speaker package (Jamo D6 PEX 7.1 THX system ) which i have managed to secure a great price for and was wondering if anyone can tell me if i will experience a significant difference in quality?
will the jamo d6 thx sub be much better than my current velodyne cht-10?
any info would be greatly appreciated,especially if anyone has had experience of the jamo speakers.
many thanks in advance

John F

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i think this would be a major step up I have heard the system & the sub goes down low & would be a great choice.

Ian J

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Home Cinema Choice tested the sub as part of a slightly different Jamo package and gave it four stars. If it is THX approved it is bound to be better than your current non THX sub


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Paul if it's not a trade secret where did you get a good price on that system. I was looking for it to last week and could get OK but not outstanding deals. I even went round waving the price from Unbeatable.co.uk to no avail.

The dealer I saw who had actually heard a Jamo THX system said it was very very good, running of an Onkyo Integra amp.


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well,i guess it depends on what you call a good deal.
i haven't actually seen the unbeatable.co.uk price for the 7.1 set up to be honest.i could only find the price for the 5.1 version.which i assume you mean was about £998?
anyway,the price i've managed to secure is £1520 inc vat and is at a local retailer of which i'm not sure if i should name.
i must admit their original price was £1750 but they price matched an internet price i had from another company.
like i said though,this price is only what i consider to be a good price and not neccessarily a view you will share.
lets hope i'm as impressed with it as i have heard it's meant to be.
best thing was for me that i had a choice of colour (black or stone grey) and that if it went wrong i could take it to the shop locally.

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