Question Speaker upgrade advice please


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I'm after speaker upgrade to my Musical Fidelity A3 Dual Mono amp system (bough used years ago).

I use a Rega Planar 2 and Goldring 2100
Philips CD721 (cheap used, about 10 years ago!)
Yamaha KX200 Cassette Deck (plays those plastic things with browny tape stuff inside! even cheaper 10 years ago)
Arcam Dr Dock
B&W 601 S3 (bought used for £120 years ago)
QED Silver Anniversary XT
Atacama Nexus 5 Speaker Stands
Apollo Glass 4 Shelf Table

I need the speakers close to the wall (200mm max distance from the rear). I have a shortlist but not listened to any yet.
I want floor standers preferably.
Comments please on these..
Q Acoustics 3050
Tannoy Revolution XT6F
Fyne Audio F302 £400
Dali Oberon 5 £500



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The new Oberon is getting fine reviews just about everywhere, sounds like the one to beat. But if you’re happy to go used then there’s a huge choice.


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When I bought the B&Ws I was in Richer sounds and heard the Totem Arro! I thought they are the ones but couldn't afford them at the time. Seen a pair for £900 used this week but I recon I can buy better new floorstanders today!


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From memory I ythin the Tannoy have that downward firing port???I could be wrong. I'd say that's important, 200mm is very close to a wall for most floorstanding speakers


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Fyne Audio F302 review £400 HxWxD 932 x 190 x 271 mm. Not fussy on positioning, but care with system matching as I've read top end needs taming. Would the MF A3 be OK?
Tannoy Revolution XT6F review (GSN £450) £700 HxWxD (incl. plinth) 1005 x 269 x 317 mm. Not fussy on positioning.
Q Acoustic 3050 review £350 HxWxD 1000 x 200 x 300 mm. Not fussy on positioning
Dali Oberon 5 review £500 HxWxD 830 x 162 x 283. Not too fussy on positioning.

All prices are for new, the Tannoys (Graded Stock New) price. Tannoys might be a bit large for my living room. I need to listen to them!!


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Not fussy is a vague term. I'd bet 200mm from a wall may just pose some issue


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For the price range I would recommend MK Sound. They do on wall versions which means they are designed for the usage you are after.

This is the start of the on wall range.

MP7 On-Wall Speaker - M&K Sound®

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