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Speaker tweak and Optimize

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by creed, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. creed


    Products Owned:
    Products Wanted:
    This is my system :-
    1. Marantz SR4300
    2. Mission M74 as front, Mission Centre Channel and AE Aegis One as rear.
    3. Mirage BPS150 subwoofer (2 X 8inch driver)
    4. Wiring (front wired with FFRC biwiring, others with Cambridge 16gauge OFC wire)

    well, i have some slight problem tough, i like to watch dvd and listen to musics, but when in music listening mode, i can't make the subwoofer to work properly except i choose to direct the bass to BOTH front channel and subwoofer...any solution to cure this.?.my front speaker is a floorstander with 2x6.5inch driver, and it extend to roughly 40hz, so i should set the speaker as "Large" or "Small".?.

    in dvd movies, sometimes i found out the sound is quite low, then i increased the volume, then i consistently found that the centre channel is lower than the other channels, but if i raise the centre channel to higher level, then sometimes in the movie, like a gunshot in all of a sudden, the centre channel seems to being too loud then, i only hope that the dialogue can be heard clear along the movie...

    if i set the front floorstand speaker to "Small", will it be a waste.?.but what i really want to know is, how do i get subwoofer to work in stereo mode, since i don't wish both the frotn channel and subwoofer producing the bass

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