Speaker terminals: Pioneer VSX-AX3/AX5i



Can someone tell me what size speaker terminal are on the above receivers? I presume both have the same. I'm looking to buy some banana plugs but I'm unsure of what size to get (3mm, 4mm, 5mm or greater).

I had to give up my banana plugs with my 5i, I couldn't get the black "protection" plugs out no matter what I tried!

Others have said its pretty easy to ping 'em out with tweezers and the like, but well, I gave up and just wedged the cable in :(

So what size were the banana plugs that you had? 4mm? Did you already have them in a previous receiver?
My Pio 912 takes a 4mm banana plug. I wouldn't think different models of amp from the same manufacturer would be any different.
And yes, it can be a bit taxing getting the darn plugs out.
I'd have to check on the size, I actually thought there was only one size :)

Previously they were in my Sony 930 amp.
The Pioneer Amps use 4 mm banana sockets.
The easiest way to remove the inserts is a small drill bit.
Find one that's a tight fit say 2.5mm, wind it into the insert by hand, then pull straight out. Rather like pulling a cork from a bottle of wine.
Similar method, use a small screw once it bites pull out.

worked a treat on AX10. did get sore fingers though:mad:

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