Speaker system for kitchen and bathroom


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hi guys, i have posted something similar few months back but didnt get the answer i was looking for, im after a some sort of amp, 4 speakers, 2 for kitchen and 2 for bathroom, a bluetooth device to connect my phone to the system and some sort of switch to pick which zone the audio plays in, i look on ebay but i dont no what im looking at lol, any help would be great, cheers.

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Samsung M5. or Denon Heos. All speakers are controlled via laptop or phone, you can also buy a link unit to connect to your main system from both brands.

I have 5 Samsung wireless speakers and the link. Its good for parties etc.


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Either that or look at a Sonos system.
You could in theory get something Denon N5 with a speaker selection switch to select the speakers to play but it is not a very eloquent solution and would not be a lot cheaper than the ones mentioned above which would work far better and easier.

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How much are you planning spending?

I'm in the process of doing what you want. After many years of using Sonos systems I've decided to stick to something that works, very well, and so gone with Sonos Connect amps and in-ceiling speakers.

You would need to buy 2 of the amps which will work from your phone and power a pair of in-ceiling speakers and then obviously choose which speakers suit. You can set the speakers as 'zones'

Trouble is you'll need at least £1000 for both rooms maybe more depending on the speakers you choose.

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