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Hi All :hiya:

I'm looking for some speaker stands for my Mordaunt Short MS-302's.

I'm using Sony WS-FV11 at the moment and I'm looking for a more attractive stand with more stability.

The Sony stands wobble on my old wooden flooring so I have to wedge paper under one side to keep them up right.

I don't like the hight or the look of the purpose made MS-302 speaker stands.

I would like lower stands at the front and taller stands at the rear am I looking for the impossible?




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Atacama Nexus - 50, 60 and 70cm high - although check the size of the top-plate - it might be a bit big for your speaker. They would also allow you to use larger speakers later if you wished. About £60/pair


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Thanks GW43 they look cool but as you said the top plate is too large for the MS-302 and I'm not looking to upgrade any time soon.

I've included a quick picture of a stand I've seen in the back of What HiFi but I've since thrown the copy away Doh! (sorry for the crap pic)

Link to picture



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If your speakers are not held rigidly, you are detracting from the sound quality, so dont put off buying some stands for to long.
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