Speaker Stands for Jamo A102 Satellites

New Start Neil

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Hi all,

I'm looking for some nice speaker stands for my Jamo A102s, does anyone have any suggestions? :thumbsup:

I'd also like them to include some form of cable management so the wires aren't visible to SWMBO! :smashin:

I just want to make sure that my speakers will physically fit, and that they have the right fittings.

I guess most speaker stands have generic fixing points, and most satellite speakers have standard fixing points do they?

Something like these look ok? :)

Or something from here?

Thanks. :)



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Got these ones for my Mordaunt Shorts 302 and they do the job nicely, cable gets fed up through the middle of stand :thumbsup:


£34.98 delivered to your door


Just noticed the ones in your first link ARE the ones at argos £29.99 pick up at your local argoos :thumbsup:


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Sorry to ask so long after your post but ...

Did the stands you order work well with the A102s ?

I have just ordered some and am trying to find suitable stands. And its tricky to work out the fixings etc when ordering online.



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iirc Jamo actualy do stands for the little A102's themself.



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Cheers, yes have found them but everywhere is out of stock until late August. I'm just being impatient !

Just wondered how other memebers had theirs mounted ?

May be moving so dont want to get my hands dirty if needed.

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