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I'm about to purchase some KEF Q300's. I've been recommend the Soundstyle Z2ii speaker stands. However, I'm not sure how i 'fix' these speakers to the stands? Do I use blu-tak? Surely there is a supported method to properly 'lock' the speaker in?

Second quick question if I may, I'm going to go for the Q300's with a Pioneer VSX921 and KEF C6LCR centre speaker.

Can anyone see any issues with the current proposed setup?

Many thanks!


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I use blutack with my rear speakers on stands and it is a great cost effective way to attach the speakers to the stand and it works.


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I've got the Z2ii, and I don't secure my speakers to them - the soft gel pads are quite sticky and will stop the speaker sliding off or moving if it's only a small knock on them. Obviously if you punt them it's gonna cause a problem, but that's the case even if they're screwed on!


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Blue tak all the way... but can mark your speakers... Mouse mats are good well depending on the material used in them.

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I have considered asking my sister for some bits of material she uses for making custom innersoles, it comes in a range of densities

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