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Hi All

Wondering if you can offer me advice.

I have a hyundai A321 that i'm hanging on my new bedroom wall. I've also managed to get a brand new Pioneer DCS-363.

With the speakers on the TV being ugly as hell i want to just use the Pioneer speakers. Due to other components that will be used (PC) I really need to purchase a switch that will allow me to switch between the TV and the Pioneer system as a source for the front speakers.

Having searched i can only find this discontinued product on Maplin.


Does anyone know where i can purchase one of these?


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just use a y lead to split the signal to both before you output it to the speakers

Not quite what i'm after Para. But thanks for reading :thumbsup:

Music Dictionary said:
Y-Lead = Lead split so that one source can feed two destinations. Y leads may also be used in console insert points in which case a stereo jack plug at one end of the lead id split into two monos at the other.

I need something that protects the two sources/amps and outputs to one pair of speakers.



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No, unfortunately where the Pioneer falls over as an All-In-One is that it only has one stereo input which i'll be using elsewhere.

Looking for a switch like the one in my link......

Cheers though :)

Mr Incredible

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Do a search on:

for "SpeakerCraft SL-One Switcher"....

Automatic Speaker Level Switcher. Share Two Amplifiers With One Pair Of Speakers.

The SL-One is an audio-sensing speaker-level switcher that replaces manually operated A/B switches by permitting one pair of stereo speakers to be switched automatically between two stereo amplifiers.

Consistency of operation is vital. The SL-One's exclusive microprocessor control ensures precise timing and switching accuracy. It incorporates a variable sensitivity control and octal delay switch to ensure that triggering and operation is exactly as required.

£80 though.

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