'speaker=small/large' has NO effect..


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Hi all.

I've just been playing around with an SPL meter that I bought to try and figure out what all the settings on my new sub, and the bass management
setting on my receiver actually did. (has been kind of fun in a sad geeky way!! ;)

Anyway, something happened which I didn't expect.
Changing my speakers from large to small, has no effect on the output of those speakers.
Similarly changing the crossover frequency has no effect (80, 100, 120), whether the speakers are set to 'large' or 'small'.

To test this, I'm using an SPL meter with the REW software. I have the subwoofer=on in the speaker settings, but it is turned off for this test as I just wanted to see what effect the crossover setting actually had.

The receiver is a Denon2802.

Is the receiver broken?? or have I just got the wrong end of the stick about what this setting SHOULD do...


ps, the REW software is showing that the speakers have a response down to about 40Hz


It won't have a perceivable effect, except for the sub channel. Play some music and flip between large and small 120hz, and you'll notice the difference


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my understanding of this setting is that if speakers are set to small, all frequencies below the crossover frequency are routed to the sub. If this is the case, the bass frequencies should no longer be sent to the main speakers. However there is a prominent feature at 45Hz (presumably a room resonance) coming out of the main speakers when speakers=small. Surely this shouldn't be there


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My mistake.
I had the Amp set to DIRECT. I wasn't aware that this bi-passed the bass management.

I was using direct, as I had heard that it was generally better to bi-pass the tone control circuitry. I have found a 'tone defeat' switch, which I guess does this whilst in stereo.

We live and learn.

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