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Can anyone advise on what i should set the speakers to on my Denon 1507 amp. I have the Tannoy FX 5.1 and you can set the satellites to either small/large depending on their frequency response. Frequency response is where i get a little lost and even if i knew what it was i would not know what is low enough to have my speakers set to large.
Also if i purchased the new centre speaker on its own from the EFX5.1 range and use the spare satellite as a centre rear does it make much differance.

Thanks in aticipation of anyones help.



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set them to small, that way you are not asking the sat to try and reproduce a full range signal, making their life much easier without trying to produce low bass.

Id guess that using a crossover point of about 80hz would be a good starting point, maybe even higher.

Put it this way, I set my RS6's and matching centre to "small" and cut them off at about 60hz even though they are pysicaly quite large speakers.

Theres lots to read up on regarding this subject if you want to.



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As I understood it anything with a main cone diameter of 12cm or less should be set to small.

However it seems to me from information gleaned on here and in the manuals of my Yamaha amp the speaker size will determine how much of the LF (low frequency) will be handled by the satalites themselves.

When set to small all the LF is sent to the sub, when large its shared with the satalites.

My kef's only have a low end frequency response of 80hz so all the LF below this is directed to the sub.

Best thing to do is check the manual for your speakers or check the tannoy site for advice on what to set the speaker size to.

KEF warns that setting them to large could over time cause damage to the speaker so if you are unsure set them to small until you are sure they can be set to large.


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Are you not happy with the auto setup? This should set the size, delays, cross-over etc automatically..

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I am happy with the auto setup just curious after reading through the manual. From experience on other areas of electronics auto set ups are normally the basic start point and then you tweak it to your own requirements. However as you guys are definately more experienced than me i will leave it to the auto setup if that is best.

Thanks for the responses


P.s Can anyone help on the other issue regarding going from 5.1 to 6.1 and whether or not its worth the 50 quid for the extra speaker?

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The tech specs on the speakers state:- crossover frequency "4.5kHz (mid to high) 140Hz (to subwoofer)" should i therefore set amp to 140hz?


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