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I'm thinking of getting the Denon 700ae DC player and amp, plus the TU1800 tuner. Does anyone have any views on which speakers would work work with this. I like the appearance (real wood veneer, mmm....) of the Quad11Ls etc, and the Monitor Audio RS1s, as well as Castle Richmond 3is, and they all seem to have decent reviews.
Does anyone have a view on which on these would work well with the Denon set up, or on any others I should stick on my shortlist?


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Real wood veneer will push the price up without giving you any sonic gain. You might get better value with a vinyl covered speaker. The Kef IQ3's are pretty good and the Dynaudio Audience 42's are quality performers (but they can have an overpowering bass with some systems, have a low sensitivity, and a long run in) and are hard to beat at their price point.

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