Speaker setup time delays!!

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Chrper, Feb 20, 2005.

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    Just wanted to ask a simple ( or dumb ) question of all you knowledgeble folks.

    My AMP only allows speaker setup to be tuned for the room based upon time delays 1 - 5 ms for the centre and 0-15 ms for the other speakers.

    Just wanted to ask what I should take into account before I start to play around with these setitings.

    The screen and hence the centre and fronts are 11 feet away from the seating and the fronts are approx 7 feet apart equally spaced from the centre that is situated at the base of the screen.

    The rears are just behind the seated position and are pointing inward.
    So now its 2 questions!! should the rears be pointing inward from that position?? ie sofa against the wall rears as close to the wall as possible so in truth about 1 foot behind the seated listner ( ie me)

    Anyway back to setting up the delays

    Should there be a delay between Centre and fronts?? if so how much?

    And given the distance from the fronts ( 11 ish feet) where is a good starting point for delay settings for the rears??

    I know every room is different but being pretty new to this stuff and having limited time to play with these things I just wanted to get an idea where to start.

    Also, does the length of cable run have any impact on thses settings??

    All help/advice greatly recieved

    Thanks in advance


    PS also just to add to the dilema I can also setup different delays for Dolby Pro logic and dolby digital teh settings above are for DD. The next question is, why do the delays for Pro logic only range from 15-30 ms and nothing below that level?? yes I know another question!!

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