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Speaker setup for Denon AVR-1804 - help needed!!

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Hallsy, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Hallsy

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    Nov 24, 2004
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    this is my first post on here so be gentle!!
    The other half has agreed to buying me a Denon AVR-1804 for xmas, so I'm looking at various speaker setups to accompany it!
    As I have just taken on a mortgage, and am doing the place up i'm on quite a budget. I listen to a fair bit of music also, but a sepearte two channel setup in the lounge wouldn't be practical as well as the 5/6.1 so I'm after a speaker package that is musical as well as good for movies (I suppose you hear this all the time!!) at a good price!!
    At the moment I am considering some of the following:
    AE Evo 3 + Evo 1 + Evo C (although this will prob be too expensive, have seen Evo 3 for 149 and Evo 1 for 89
    AE Evo 1 (x2) + Evo C
    M71i (x2) + M7C1 (£110)
    Mission 780 (x2) + Celestion CSC (Ex Dem £199.99)
    Mission Cinema M30 (Ex Dem £229.99)
    Mission 771e (x2) + M7C1 (£190)

    These are just prices from Hyperfi, which will depend on availability and some of it is ex dem, but I don't mind that. Although I have heard good and bad things about hyperfi so will have to be weary.

    Any suggestions on which of these setup would suit my needs, or be best for sound. Or any other suggestion/suppliers would be greatly appreciated. I realise that the Evo setup (3 & 1 & C) would be best but is prob too much for my budget to be honest.



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