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speaker setup Dennon avr-2400h


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Hi all, looking for some help or what to try,
i have the
Dennon avr-x2400H , i setup the speakers with the mic calibration, which worked ok,
i setup the sub as instructed in manual, Q acoustics 3000 speaker system

Lately when watching some programs the sound from the surround speakers, sound very echo or bassy if that the right words to explain. not all the time just on certain, adverts or movies.
i thought with the mic calibration speakers would be all set and i wouldn't need to adjust? or do i, i have put the settings below, do i need to adjust speakers separately?? much appreciate any help.

I checked the
speaker config in settings
front small
centre small
subwoofer yes
surround small

front L 3.81M
front R 4.05m
center 3.93m
subwoofer 4.95m
surround L 2.04m
surround R 1.47m

Front L -4.0DB
FRONT R -4.5db
center -6.5db
subwoofer -7.5db
surround L -6.0db
surround R -7.0db

front 60hz
center 40hz
surround [email protected]

calibrated 'reference' composition curve


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The cross over frequences are too low. Set them manually to small speakers @ 80hz


You need to set your crossover to 80hz for the front 100hz for the rears. LPF for LFE to 120hz and LFE only. The crossover on the rear of the sub to it's maximum, usually 120hz.

Refer back to your original Audyssey calibration readings for the crossovers of the speakers. Do not set the crossover to anything less than Audyssey has given. If below 80hz then set back to 80hz.


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Thank you both for your reply's ,
how do i set what you say
'cross over frequences are too low. Set them manually to small speakers @ 80hz'
set your crossover to 80hz for the front 100hz for the rears.
and i dont know what the below means or how to set
LPF for LFE to 120hz and LFE only.
the crossover on the sub i set that to 'fully clockwise' AV setting' did what it said in manual.
sorry for been dumb but am not very techie.


In the set up menu go to audio and select Audyssey. There you will see a section for Manual, when you open that a further menu will appear and you can select crossover. Highlight it and use the right arrow to take the crossover to 80hz. This will have to be done from front, centre and surrounds.

Under subwoofer 120hz should be the default setting. I take it you have run Audyssey.

I doing this from memory as, at the moment, I don't have access to a manual. I'll have a look later if you fail to find it in the set up menu.

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