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I'm in the construction fase of a new house and want to setup a nice surround experience.

- It's not a dedicated home theater but my 'standard' TV room that the whole family will use, most of the time for standard tv shows but where I also want to enjoy a good movie from time to time.

- As you can see in the images attached its a rectangular room, not too small, not too big (4,30 x 4,50 meters / 14 x 15 feet).

- My AV guy proposed a 5.1 in-wall speaker system : Bowers & Wilkins CWM Cinema 7

In-wall cinema 7.png

- I read a lot about Dolby Atmos lately and would like to add this also. My AV guy has no experience with Atmos and thinks 2 in-ceiling speakers will be enough because of te relatively big back surrounds. He thinks adding 2 more (4 in-ceilling in total) will have not much effect.
He proposes Bowers & Wilkins CCM Cinema 7 in-ceiling speakers. Those have angled drivers angled so they can be directed to the listener.

In-ceiling cinema 7.png

- Subwoofer would be the Bowers & Wilkins ISW-3, build in under the TV in the furniture. This has a separate amplifier (B&W SA250 Mk2)

- Proposed AV receiver is the NAD T777 V3 but it supports 'only' a 5.1.2 system. So if I go for the 5.1.4 system I need to add an external amplifier (or I was thinking the Denon AVR-X4500H who support 5.2.4 natively and is cheaper).

Now the questions ;) :
1/ What do you think about the placement of the speakers in the back wall? I read a few times that this is not ideal in a 5.1(.2/4) setup. An important remark is that I cannot place an in-wall speaker in the right wall (facing the TV). The AV guy also uses Dirac Live room correction software to fine tune the system but if a speaker is placed wrong I can not imagine that it can correct that.

2/ What do you think about the Atmos setup. 2 or 4 speakers in my case? I admit that when I put 4 speakers on the layout the back in-ceilling speakers look very close to the back in-wall speakers. Maybe the AV guy is right that those extra 2 will not do a lot?

TV ROOM V2.png

TV ROOM V3.png

3/ Should I go for the NAD T777 v3 or the Denon AVR-X4500H. The last one has more options and is cheaper. The NAD on the other hand is future proof with upgradable plug-in modules and has the Dirac Live room correction software.

4/ Any other remarks are welcome. A still have all options open.

Thank you very much!


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