speaker set up rubbish??


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I've recently purchased a brand new house (will be completed in a month), and now need to think about my HC setup. The problem is i have a fireplace on an angle in one corner of the room where i plan to mount a plasma (yet to be purchased).

My speaker system is the Mission FSAV's which i guess is one helping handing due to their flexibility.

My concern is the distance between screen and left and right front speakers is going to be difficult to keep equal due to the angle of the fireplace. I had planned to put the front right speaker in the far corner (as in diagram) but perhaps it would be better above the sub...??? The trouble with that is i suppose the front soundstage could sound a bit narrow as they would be close together....

Any ideas suggestions????

Viewing position will be from the larger sofa


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I would put the plasma and AV where the big sofa is, and a corner sofa near the fireplace...


FS2 is less sensitive to positioning that traditional speakers. I don't think the setup as you have drawn it will adversley affect your listening.

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