speaker set up on dvd and amp?


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quick setup question if anyone can help....

Should I go through the speaker size, positioning, level etc setup on the dvd player as well as on the amp? Previously I had just set the speakers to front large only on the dvd and then done the detailed configuration with the amp speaker set-up. I get 5.1 sound very clearly, but was just wondering if this was the correct way to do it or not..

Ian J

I am not sure that I understand the question and am assuming that you have a DVD player with an inbuilt decoder. If that is the case, the settings in the DVD player are for people who don't have a Dolby Digital amp.

In your case, if you are connecting via an optical or digital cable to the amp, there is no decoding taking place within the DVD player so you don't have to bother with the settings in the player


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sorry, should have been clearer... I'm using a coax cable to use the amp's digital decoder. So from your answer, understand I should ignore all the speaker settings on the dvd player and just use the amp's settings. Thanks.

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