Speaker selectors playing 2 sources at once for integrated sound system

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by 2005crossy, Feb 8, 2009.

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    Hi, not sure if this is the best category for this question but here goes.

    I'm setting up an integrated sound system using B & W 616 ceiling speakers in 6 zones in my flat. I am planning to use my NAD 370 amp (120wpc) and a speaker selector to select zones as a relatively cheap way to achieve a basic integrated system.

    I was planning to use a selector like the speakercraft S6VC so I can have volume control for each room but have since seen that you can get speaker selectors from the US with two amp inputs. I have be looking at the Sima SSW 6HP. I have been trying to find out with difficulty, and sorry if this is a stupid question, if with the 2 amp inputs you can play 2 different sources via 2 amps to different speakers/zones at the same time?

    This if possible would then give me the flexibilty of playing two different sources in 2 different rooms at the same time. Could anyone tell me if this is possible or if there is a better solution or if I would be better sticking to the 1 input route which wouldn't give the same flexibility but I would still be happy with. Many thanks for any advice in advance.

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