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Hi all, i'm looking to add Atmos to my current 5.1 setup, from my understanding the ideal method would be to add in-ceiling speakers, unfortunately this isn't an option for me as i'm in a rented ground floor flat.
So, i'm left trying to work out whether downward firing wall mounted or upward firing sat on top of my floorstanders would be better?
my living room is a good size with reasonably high ceilings, ill have a measure later but i'd guess at 10+ ft and the seating is roughly 10ft from the forward speakers, maybe a touch more from the rear.
As is always the way i do have to consider price point, this is a little luxury for me and i still have to get it past my other half, so cant be breaking the bank.
What experiences do you all have with the different setups and speaker types? What pro's and con's come with the different speaker positions? any help or pointers gratefully received.
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Up firing speakers will work well on the height of your ceiling and listening position. Providing that is is that the ceiling is perfectly flat and made of a reflective material. An artexed ceiling with deep swirls will not work. I've been using upfiring speakers when the KEF R50s first became available. More than happy.

Most upfiring speakers now come with keyhole fittings so that they can be fixed to the wall. Their angled build also supports those positions. The beauty of that is that you can experiment with the two possible positions and all it will ultimately cost is the extra length of wire needed for the height position.
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I dont think the ceiling will be an issue in that sense, it's smooth save a few ripples here and there. That's something I never considered, re-positioning upfiring speakers to be downfiring..
I have seen reference to a post that suggested downfiring have a better sound?
But I have no experience of either to go off.
Just to aid my description this is my living room, blue would be the likely position for downfiring speakers and red for upfiring.
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