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Question Speaker Selection/Placement & Dolby Atmos


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I’m about to renovate my home theater room as my entire basement unfortunately got flooded earlier this spring. I’d like to make some improvements on my existing setup which is a 5.1 bookshelf based setup composed of JBL bookshelves (E30) and an SVS PB-2000 subwoofer with a Pioneer 1018-AH-K receiver. I believe I got my subwoofer out in time to save it from the water, but I won’t know if it did survive until later this summer when I test it out.

Here’s the room plan for my future room (7.2.4), speaker placement in the seating area are subject to change depending on what I go for in terms or setup, hoping you guys can help with that.

Usage will be evenly split between Movies/Gaming/TV. Listening to music only is something I do maybe once or twice a year, so I don’t see it as being a big factor for my setup. In terms of budget, I’m trying to keep this around 7K (speakers + receiver), but I can stretch to 10K if it’s worth it. To me, it’s all about the value. If an extra K means I’m that much more satisfied with the setup, then I’ll go for it, but I don’t want to overspend on something I will see no added value for. I want the best setup for my room, if it’s 5.2.2 rather than 7.2.4, then that’s fine, no point in adding speaker if the ROI is null.

The speaker brands I have easy access to (I’m in Canada) are SVS, Klipsch, Paradigm & KEF. Based on what I heard so far, I’m thinking of going for SVS Ultra Bookshelf based setup with SVS Ultra Surround + Prime Elevations. I did audition the Paradigm Prestige line, which I thought was a bit bright, but I do love the finish and the 55C center channel (always wanted a huge center channel!). Klipsch RP series, nice detailed sound, but again a bit too bright, could be because it was paired with a Yamaha amp? KEF, well I heard the Q series and the R series. Loved the R sound, but it’s probably out of my budget (towers)., Q sounded good, but not better than SVS I think. So right now SVS is my front runner, but that doesn't mean I can't be persuaded to go for something else if it's going to suit my needs better (open to suggestions)

So, based on all of this, I have some questions which I really hope you guys can help me with so I can finalize my plan.

1) One of the sales guy I talked to said towers are overkill if I don’t listen to music? In my case, it comes down to either bookshelves in the front + 2 subs, or towers + 1 sub. For my application, what would yield the best results ?
2) Is 7.1 really worth it if my seats are at a maximum of 36” from the back wall? Given I’ll likely end up with a 75” 4K display, I don’t think I can really move my seats more in front than that. Before, they used to be about 18” from the back wall, and I thought it was just perfect.
3) I did a lot of research in the last couple of weeks, but can’t seem to get a clear answer as far as Dolby Atmos implementations. Now my impression is, that the best implementation which is also my preferred one would be in-ceiling. With my room setup, should I go with 2 or 4 speakers? SVS only has elevation speakers which confuses me even more when it comes to placement. Which brands would match they’re sound for Atmos if I go in-ceiling? If I pick elevation speakers, I go with the Front/Rear height configuration? If I go with the side configuration, I have one speaker in my window? Or I move the seats back and forget 7.2? Help!! LOL. In an ideal world, I’d like to stay within the same brand for all speakers except the sub.
4) If I end up with a 7.2.4 setup, at that point, I pretty much need to look at the flagship models for AV Receivers. Are they enough or should I start thinking of going the pre-amp/amp route?
5) What is my best bet for surround channels? SVS Ultra Surround in duet mode? Or dedicated channels? Very confused about the whole bi-pole/di-pole/mono/duet mode etc.…
Thanks for your help!!


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