Speaker selection for rear speaker in 7.1 setup


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Hi All,
I have Paradiam studo speakers, 2 x studio 60 v2, studio center v2, and studio adp v2. I am thinking of adding the rear speakers. I wonder if I should add a pair of adp spreakers or a regular bookshelf ones.
Also thinking of atmos setup. Not sure if Atmos 5.1.2 will be better than 7.1 setup. What what type of speakers I should choose for 5.1.2?
Thanks in advance.
BTW, I am using X3200W, with an old receiver denon 5800 as amplifier.


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It would be beneficial for both you and other members if you posted a diagram of your room with dimensions and current seating and speaker positions. A good 7.1 does require the room behind the seating to be effective. If you have the room for a 7.1 then that, by design, means you also have room for a full 7.1.4 Atmos set up, although I think that the X3200 is limited to nine channels of processing.

As for 7.1 versus 5.1.2 I'm always going to come down on the side of 5.1.2 because I enjoy it so much. It's not just the Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks that will give you the benefit it's the upmixing modes of Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X that breathes new life into old 5.1 soundtracks.


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Thank you Gibbsy! i will get a diagram a little later.
good to know 5.1.2 has more advantage than 7.1.
Any recommendation on the type of speakers if I go with 5.1.2? should I get another pair of ADP speakers, or should get studio 20 instead?


Where to you intend to place the speakers, ie, inceiling, high on the wall or upfiring?


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Can't do inceilling. I would prefer upfiring since it is the easiest for installation.


The ceiling has to meet certain requirements. It has to be between 7½ and 14 feet high. Completely flat and be made of a reflective material. I've been using upfiring KEF R50s since they first hit the market some seven years ago. Many makes on the market that fit all budgets but I'd avoid the entry level Onkyo as they are pretty dire.

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The X3200 is limited to 7 channels of processing.

All AVR-X3xxx series up to and including the x3500 were 7 channels processed, 7 channels amplified.

Then, at the x3600 onwards, it leapt to 11 channels processed, 9 channels amplified. A very unique upgrade, when compared to its price competitors, that has made the x3600 and x3700 such great sellers.

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7.1 vs 5.1.2 is a well debated subject and everyone will have their own opinion on it. Just Google the phrase and you'll find many discussions and articles about it such as this one which favours 7.1.

Personally, I would never trade the back channels for any height channels in my HT room so I would go 7.1. That's partly down to the room though as it's fairly wide and has a lot of space behind the seats so it would leave a huge hole in the surround field if they were removed.

FWIW, Dolby, THX and AV experts like Anthony Grimani all advise going 7.1 before adding any Atmos channels but I suspect that's on the basis that the room can adequately support the layout.

Conversely, I saw an Audioholics video just the other day in which their guests, the Audio Advice custom HT design/installation guys, said 5.1.2 (or maybe it was 5.1.4) is their most common install as in most people's living rooms this layout works best. Probably because so many people have to have their seating against a wall which is when backs really don't work.
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