speaker repair near Sevenoaks, Kent ?


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The time has come again for me to see if anyone knows anyone who can
Service/mend my speakers. I have a pair of large home made cabs with
3 or 4 KEF speakers in each and lots of lambs wool... I need a couple of
speakers changed and new speaker cable fittings at back. What is there is
very old and I need new cable but no idea on the fittings.... Plus a good
service really.
Because they are so heavy i need someone local who knows what they
are doing.
I have been here about a year ago asking, just wondered if anything may
have change.
Trace :)


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well you got kef in maidstone and sevenoaks sound and vision also in maidstone, they also used to have a branch in sevenoaks as well (dont know if it's still there though) might be worth giving them a bell.


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Hi thanks for that.
I called KEF in Maidstone last year and been up to Sounds and Vision in
sevenoaks. They won't touch them as they are home made units.


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Surely Sevenoaks Sound & Vision would be the obvious place? Still there last time I passed through the town. About half a mile up the hill past the train station.

They also have a branch in Tunbridge Wells.

Sevenoaks Sound & Vision
109-113 London Road
TN13 1BH

Edit: Sorry just saw your bit about them not touching them...

spyder viewer

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What exactly do you have by way of replacements, and what exactly needs repairing? Would that be north sevenoaks or south?;)


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I dont have any replacements as I dont know what needs replacing or
cleaned up. I think just one on each cab needs replacing - its been a good
5 or 6 years since they have been used. I have both speaker cables but have
2 slightly different 2 pin push in connectors to end and i think only one really
works. Would like new connectors into the cab. Or what i have made good
by someone who knows what they are doing.

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