Speaker recommendations for iRiver iHP-140




I'm planning to get the iRiver iHP-140 pretty soon and am currently egaging in project ogg to get 400 or so cds coded up..

I'm going to be relacating to another part of the country fo a new job, I want to travel light and so the hp140 will be the perfect jukebox, only problem is i'm not sure what speakers to get.

i want ones that are easily portable, ran off the mains, that don't require a seperate amp (even perhaps multimedia) and was wondering which ones were the best for music.

A 2.1 set would be fine and better if they had an optical in so I could connect the iHP140 digitally.

At this point in the decision process i'm not thinking about price.

any thoughts?

thanks in advance


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The ultimate set of small and ultra high-quality speakers with SPDIF input is Genelec 2029A.

They are not cheap but you have high quality portable player that deserves good match. These speakers are active, i.e. dual 40W+40W amplification is built into each box. Check the web site for the recomended subwoofer for a perfect small 2.1 system.

I have such set for last two years and always get amaised what it can do considering the size and price.

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