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Tom Stanley

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Hello there.
i'm looking for a pair of speakers for my (large) bedroom.
they will be replacing my my wharfdale valdus 400s
i'm wanting a rich loud sound.
looking to spend no more than £250

thanks in advance.



Whats the rest of your system Tom (amp, CDP, iPod via DAC etc...); also what music do you generally listen to?

It'd be handy to know as well whether youre after standmount speakers (if so have you already got speaker stands or does your budget include them) or will you look at floorstanders?

IMO for standmount speakers you'll not go far wrong with the likes of the Wharfedale 10.1's, Dali Lektor 2,s Monitor Audio BR2's or the likes of the B&W 602 S2's or S3's 2nd hand via eBay. The mentioned speakers NEED good stands to make them at their best

For floorstanders take a look at the Acoustic Energy Neo 3's (fairly unbeatable at their current price and no stands needed; more or less take up less room than a standmount speaker on a stand anyways). The Q Acoustic 2050's should also be considered as should the likes of the Monitor Audio BR5's or the Acoustic Energy AE 109's again 2nd hand via eBay :)


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In addition to the questions posed by danb1979, let me ask what is wrong with your existing speakers? How are they not meeting your needs?

Are you simply looking for better looking speakers, say something in a nice woodgrain? Are you trying to improve the sound quality over the Valdus?

Do you prefer floorstanding speakers, or as danb1979 suggests, are you looking for bookshelf speakers?

Here is a reasonable quality speakers in a nice cherry finish at a very fair price -

INFINITY BETA 40 (BETA 40) 3-Way Dual 6-1/2" Floorstanding Loudspeaker Featuring Patented... - www.hiwayhifi.com

But again, it is not really clear what you are looking for.


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