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Jon Simmo

Hi all,

I'm contemplating the financial insanity of putting togther a projector based home AV system.

Thoughts so far are:
Yamaha Rx1400RDS Receiver
Denon 2900 Universal Player

KEF KHT 2005.2
Celestion Soundsyle 300s (305+glass 302s)

Mag ratings would put the KEFs infront, but I was wondering whether general opinion is different ?

What about the idea of 7.1 based on KEFs + the Celestion 302 front speakers - os is that just being silly ?

All publishable thoughts 'preciated.



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I have the Celestion AVP305 speaker package, I believe these are a smaller version of the ones you mentioned.

they sound just great, good detail and quality mid from the speakers. The sub is also decent, for the price anyway.

The kef eggs are also well rated.

I reckon you can't really go wrong which ever one's you choose.

In case you didn't know Kef and Celestion are the same company and some of the components are shared.


The Celestions are mainly worse because the sub hasn't been updated that said shops are knocking the celestons out at £500 and if you go for the Beech wood AVF302 just £300
= £800 for 7.1
The second option of Kef eggs would probably be better but with AVF302 going for about £1000
I haven't seen anyone doing the glass versions cheap.
We sold out of them as soon as we got them but have beech still.


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in your opnion apart from the sub, do you think there's much difference between the kef and celestions.

i.e What's the difference in satalite speaker performance.

also being a owner of the celestions, do you think it's worth while upgrading the sub, bearing in mind that I have to keep to the same size and have a budget of around £300.

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