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Hi people. I'm pretty new to this whole game, would like some advice.

I just repaired my Onkyo TR606 via some google guides, and I'm pretty chuffed with myself for getting it to work. It's currently connected to my computer via an optical cable, and I have attached the two satellite speakers that come with the Aego M 2.1 system to the back of the receiver. I primarily use it for listening to music, although I do a fair bit of gaming and movie watching too. Music tends to come out of iTunes, and ranges from Apple lossless (~1500kbps) to the lowly 128kbps. I'm pretty amazed that these two speakers on their own already sound better than they did when paired with the subwoofer, but didn't have the receiver to assist them.

If I knew how to attach my Aego M subwoofer to the amp then I would do that but I don't think it's possible since it's designed to be connected to a source via a 3.5mm, and there is no place for me to attach it to the receiver with a subwoofer cable.

It's not a very high end system, and I'm a newcomer to this whole game, but I imagine if I was to get some speakers with dedicated low-range reproduction then I'd reap some more increases in sound quality.

My room itself is an awkward shape which belies description. Pretty thick carpet on the floor. I don't know how relevant this is, but the more info the better, right?

So I'm looking for some speakers to fill this hitherto unnoticed void in my life.

Nothing too expensive, my budget is flexible within what I deem reasonable. I'm happy to scour ebay for used models, as long as I'm getting something that offer a lot of value for the price, and will be an improvement on what I'm currently using. I don't want to spend more than £400. (At this point, I hear the audio afficinados scoffing.)

I've heard good things about the Wharfedale 9.1 + SW150 combo which is going for £220 at superfi, but then I've also heard a lot of bad things about it. In fact, reading through forums has done more to confuse me than to inform me. Wharfedale? Gemini? Monitor Audio? Floorstanders? Bookshelves? Satellites? What?!

Any advice you can confer upon me would be appreciated.


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The discounts on the Diamond 9.1 + SW150 Sub are HUGE. These are both long outdated speakers, but it is still an excellent combo for the very modest price. If that is the limit of your budget, I don't see how you can do better for the money.

This combination is leagues above what you are using now -


There are other options, but given you have a AV Receiver, I see few of those that can top the Diamond 9.1 + SW150.

I don't know the details of you situation, but in terms of Bang for the Buck, it is hard to hold a candle to these speakers -

Wharfedale XARUS5000-BLACK from Hughes Direct

The price is per pair; £179/pr. But these are huge speakers. Not the most refined, but at that price, there is nothing that can touch them.

At under £250, these are the best two bargains out there.

For what it is worth.



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Thanks for your reply. After a read through on the two speakers, I think the 9.1 + Sub package would be more appropriate for me. I would prefer a slight refinement in sound over the ability to turn the volume really high.

I have a feeling this may be my gateway step in the world of audiophilia.

Hold me.

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Might be worth seeing if the 9.1s are enough for you. I got a pair to use when I was house sharing and for the money they are very good. While it would be a bit tricky to find a matching centre I think many would be happy enough using them as rears. I would be tempted to get three pairs and use one as a centre if there was space.


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Hi I am looking for a hi end 2.1 setup can anyone recommend me a good setup for a budget below $10 k

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