Speaker recomendations for an old KEF 3020 Amp


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It’s been great since day one (10 yrs ago) its the speciall addition 3020 and I noticed yesterday that my JPW speakers were sounding a bit rough. First I though it was something wrong with the amp then I checked the speakers. To my surprise both the main cones have torn away at the outer edges of the speaker wall all away around the circumference. (sorry this is as best that I can describe it). The left speaker has torn completely around the outside whilst the other is about a 1/3 gone. I assume this is due to old age, rather than anything else. I have been looking at new speakers and was wondering if anyone else new of a good speaker to pair up with the Kenwood amp. I know it’s getting on but it still sounds great to me. I was interested in KEF Q1's, wise choice with the amp? by the way I'm using the Cambridge Audio D300SE CD player as my main source. Any advice gratefully received.

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