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I recently auditioned the B&W 602, Kef Q1 and Mission 780s. Briefly:

I found the B&W to have better bass over all but could sound a bit boomy at times. As I have a fairly small listening room I thought this could have been bit of a problem... There seemed to be very little between the missions and the kefs - if anything the missions sounded a little more focused than the kefs, both were good speakers tho.

I ended up buying the Missions because the sound appealled to me more than the kefs (some people really dislike the mission sound i know) but I wouldn't exactly say they were any better.

If you have the room go for the 602s.


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If £300 is your absolute max then I'd go for a pair of 601s and some Nexus stands. Most places will discount for cash - if not move on to the next place.


Do they sound sh*t.
What's even more amusing is the fact that they're my parents' stools.

Buy the 602's, you won't regret it. Especially as you have a good amp and a big room.

Never really listened to any mission speakers. Friends have told be that the treble is a bit overwhelming, and the bass tight.

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Originally posted by Tejpal
Im not that keen on buying 2nd hand equipment.

Im not sure why, but it kidda spoils the fun.

Thx for the offer anywayz. It is a great deal !
If "not spoiling the fun" is a higher priority than buying the best speakers that you can afford, you can turn down one of the bargains of the month.


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don't read too much into reviews, listen to them with your amp.

I have had speakers that i really enjoyed till i upgraded part of the electronics and then they have sounded awful.

you really need to go to a dealer with your amp and try to listen to as many speakers on your list, may need to book a few days off work with that list though ;)

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