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Of late, I have had a few speakers home as I fancy an upgrade. Current set up is a 6 year old set of B&W DM603 S2'S, CC6 S2 centre, and B&W sats on the back. First try was a pair of Monitor audio silver rs6's, not for me. Sounded 'smaller' and not as natural. Next I tried a different angle, pair of Spendor S3'E's (should add here I also run a REL 205 sub). The Spendors with the sub were a revelation with music, didn't really appreciate just how much character the big B&w's were adding to music. But, here's the but! The Spendor's did a good job on movies, however when going back to my B&W's, old as they are, the huge depth and soundstage (to movies) was back again. I really don't know which way to go here. Listening to the B&w's I am now aware of their shortcomings especially with music, but they really do sing with movies. And just to complicate things, my mate works at a hi fi shop, and can get me a really good deal on the Spendors, along with a matching centre speaker.And boy do the little Spendors look fab in the room. (Even get the thumbs up from the partner :eek:) My other thought was to try moving further up the B&W range, something along the lines of the CM'7'S to see if that offers the upgrade I am looking for.In short I am a bit stuck and unsure of where to go, at the moment I am thinking the Spendors because of how good they sound with music and also because of the fantastic deal, and I also appreciate I may be able to integrate the sub a bit better with them to try and get closer to the magic B&W produce with the films. Anyones thoughts appreciated :)



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Since you got the wonderful 350/137 combo, I would urge you to consider nothing below the B&W 805 bookshelves. You will get fantastic sound with movies and music.

I use the N804 with AVR300, and couldn't be happier.


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Try the ProAc Studio 140. I have identical electronics (AVR 350 & DV 137) as yours and together with the studios they weave pure magic. Couldn't have been happier...:thumbsup:


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For a big huge 360 soundstage and depth deeper than bottomless, where the background is dead silence and the space between every instrument is gigantic, try danish manufacturer Audiovector´s higher priced models called Avantgarde. The Mi1 model is standmount. The Mi3 model is floorstanders.

These speakers use the famous ATM-tweeter which gives a sound greater than electrostats and are used in their top of the line model, the S6 which cost £12000 and have been called by many reviewers, the best speakers in the world. The Mi1 should cost around £1600 new and the Mi3´s around £2400.

The Avantgarde-series have got subs, centerchannels etc..

They are VERY MUCH better than Spendor, B&W, Monitor Audio or Sonus Fabers most expensive gear. The Audiovectors plays in another league. Please bear in mind that most people have only listened to Audiovectors cheaper models. It is the Avantgarde-series that sets new high end-standards.

Note: Audiovector´s Avantgarde series was developed using Arcam´s FMJ-series, making most Arcam gear a perfect match. 1+1 is not 2. 1+1=4.

I have listend to my best recordings on £40000 Krell systems, Meridians and a like and the do not come close to matching Arcam and Audiovector. A match made in heavon.

High praise, but true! If you have not heard your Arcam amp with Audiovector avantgarde, then you do not know your Arcam-amps full potential.



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Thanks for the advice all :) Rightly or wrongly, I'm plumping for the Spendors. Might just keep my B&W's boxed up for those av 'fun days'.....:rolleyes:


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