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Im using the Eltax Hollywood 5 speaker (as bought from Richers last month) along with a Pioneer VSXD810s Amp. I noticed that one of the surround speakers has a distinctive hiss when sound is coming through it, making it sound "Fuzzy".
To test this I put the Amp on 6 speaker stereo mode (so all speakers get a signal) and it definatley hisses. Makes the sound a little fuzzy and distorted (only use pretty low volume). I checked the polarity of the speaker cable (Gale x189) and they were correct (+ve to +ve etc).
I then switched surround speakers from left to right and the same fuzzy sound is coming from the same speaker (using the different speaker cable!! This discounts the cable
The Amp is/has never been used at high volume (2 babies in the house).
If I take it into Richers will they just give me a replacement or will I have to wait for it be repaired?? (only 1 month old)

There are no power sources near the speaker..what can it be?


If the noise stays with the same speaker after you have changed cables and sources, it must be the speaker.

Phone Richers and ask about a replacement - I've always found them very helpful if anything goes wrong.

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