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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by ollie_b1, Jun 16, 2002.

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    hi there - can someone clarify something to a home cinema newbie (1st post!) ?

    i own the (infamous) Toshiba 32zp18p tv, which has an onboard dd5.1 decoder. The manual states "When connecting external Hi-Fi speakers, they must be 8ohm, 10W minimum", and indeed in the specification at the back, the sound output is "10W". For those who are unfamiliar with this tv, the sub and centre speakers are built into the unit, and there are 4 connectors for speakers (L,R and Rear L,R)

    Understandably wanting to upgrade the Toshiba speakers that come with the tv (at least the front two), i have been offered for sale by a friend, a spare pair of Mission FS2 speakers. Can these be connected straight to the speaker connectors on the back of the tv? from the mission website, it states an 8ohm impendance - which is acceptable - but a recommended amplifier of 35-70W. Is it safe to connect them up? this is my main worry - that i might blow the speakers and/or the amp...

    I realise that the sound from these speakers will nowhere near be maxmised using this 'amp', however i cannot afford to buy a proper a/v amp at this time, and so intend to upgrade my system bit by bit - starting with these mission speakers

    many thanks for any help you have to offer :)
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    Yes, it should work. But turn down the volume when you hear distortion as this could indeed cause damage to either amps or speakers.

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