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Sorry if it's been done before recently...if it has then I must have missed the thread

I'm getting my first home cinema kit this week (can't wait :)) and need to start planning the setup.

Can anyone tell me a good site (preferably with diagrams) for help with positioning speakers?

I've read too many conflicting guides; poorly written with too much jargon and technical information. I'm pretty much a newbie at this so I'm looking for a beginners guide really

Last one I read (probably the best as well, was in a magazine in Asda The staff didn't look too pleased with me :D ) said to position the speakers at 20 degrees towards the sweet spot ie where I'll be sitting. Well, since there are 3 seperate positions I sit in, in my room it doesn't really help much :rolleyes:

Should the front speakers be at head height? I read this but I've got 3ft high floorstanding speakers...would look a bit overwhelming in my room tbh if they are on poles (plus add another £20 to this very expensive week if I have to buy some speaker stands :( )

Should the rears be in line with where I sit or behind me? Again, on the floor or mounted? My rear speakers are pretty small so they will look ok on the window sill behind my bed. I've got them there now and they look/sound pretty good

Should the centre speaker be above or below the TV? I'm gonna have to buy some new shelves this week so I was thinking of having a shelf above my TV, with 3 or 4 DVDs on either side and the Argonath bookends ;) :D

Ok, think thats it. If anybody knows a good site with information like this or if you can advise then please do. Tis much appreciated



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Speaker positioning: mounting your speakers at 'head height' is ideal but bear in mind most people listen while sitting down, especially when watching movies! So it's head-height when you are sitting down slouched on your couch/fave comfy chair. 3' floorstanders will be fine. Positioning does not need to be precise. You'll find in home theatre too that there shouldn't be a 'sweet spot' only where everything sounds excellent - thanks to the centre channel that's less of an issue, which is why you have a centre channel! (in part) As for turning your speakers inwards - known as 'toeing in' - this depends entirely on your speakers. Experiment. Set them up facing forwards and see what you think. Toe them in a few degrees and listen again. You will know when they sound best - trust your hearing! In general where you have just one listening position you can get away with facing the speakers directly at that position but bear in mind speakers do depend to a degree on floor and wall reflections. You'll have to experiment.

Your rear speakers need really to be mounted above head height and behind you. But not too high IMO. Your window cill should be fine if you are OK with that or you could buy some cheap wall-mounts for your rear speakers. BTW what type of rear speakers have you bought? If they are 'dipoles' then you will need to mount them either beside the main listening postition on the side walls, or a bit behind.

You can mount your centre speaker either above or below your TV - it doesn't matter really but I'd suggest whichever position puts the tweeter of your centre speaker most in line with your floorstander's tweeters would be best.

Hope that clears things up!




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Naturally I'll experiment by moving speakers around to find the best configuration, guess it just takes time. I've got an odd room so it's probably an exception to most rules anyway :)

My rear speakers are just my old hifi speakers for the moment - I'm a student, hence no money :) - so they aren't dipoles. I've currently got them behind my bed, about 1' higher than the headboard. They sound pretty good there, but does it matter that they are near a window? Think I read somewhere that this can have an effect on listening.

I'll put my centre speaker below my TV I think, it should be roughly in line with my fronts then


For information on setting up your equipment (a newbie guide) goto http://www.electrictown.co.uk/ and scroll down to near the bottom of the screen. Some very useful info to be found there.

Good luck
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