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I invested in a home cinema system this weekend, and until I decide to rearrange the room for the best positioning, I have a couple of questions about speaker positions...

1. How important is it that the front L/R speakers are equally spaced from the TV. The way it is currently, the left one is about 3 feet from the TV, the right about 1 foot (although both the same distance from the listening position).

2. Similarly, does it matter if one is higher up than the other, my left speaker is about 18 inches higher than the other.

3. Any definitive articles on speaker positioning you could point me at...?



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Dolbys website pretty much covers most of it.


Depending on the amp/receiver you have, you can allow for non perfect position by changing the speaker distances (delay times). Ideally they would all be at the same height though, you could get round this to some extent by angling the speaker down but its not the perfect solution.

Ian J

My left speaker is three feet from the TV and the right speaker is about ten feet.

Nothing I can do about it except pull out the fireplace. Most of us have to make compromises of one sort another as rooms weren't designed with home cinema in mind


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Originally posted by Ian J
Most of us have to make compromises of one sort another as rooms weren't designed with home cinema in mind

I was fortunate when i had my own place in that the room was perfect for positioning the speakers in just the right place. Now i have moved house it's not so perfect but my amp lets me adjust the volume of each speaker individually and also the delay for the rears. It takes a bit of playing about but i've got the effect as close to perfect as i can.

Can you tilt your speakers? If so, the 18" difference in height should be easy to overcome.

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