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Speaker positioning and type?


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Hi, currently trying to build up a 5.1 system using a processor (yam dsp-e800) in addition to my Sony TA-FB940R. Im looking to use all B&W speakers at the front, but my main problem is the rear speakers.


Do i go for bipolar rears on the side walls, or normal speakers? If i go for the bipolars rears, how close to the wall can i have them? Someone suggested using normal speakers pointed up at the ceiling from either side of the sofa...would this work?

I could move my room around, but would rarther not.




With speakers, there is no hard and fast rules about placement. Speakers sound best wherever you think they sound best, and the only way to find that out is to move them around and listen :) When it comes to speaker placement, the advice is, there is no advice. Experiment, so what works best for you.


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agree, there are no rules, however I doubt that you'll get your best by firing the speakers up at the ceiling, you are far more likely to get a better balance by putting the speakers high up pointing slightly downwards (or going for in ceiling speakers). This is also likely to give you a fuller soundstage.

Given that you can't get the speakers behind the listening position, bi-polar or something with a wide dispersal like Bose will give you a a more natural effect than small bookshelf speakers which often have a very sharp point of focus. With these you could end up listening to the near speaker, not through sheer volume, just because it's too precise a point of image ( for example a galloping horse occupying a pin prick of the room).

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