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Speaker positioning advice


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In the process of doing up an old house we'll be moving into and am in the process of putting cables under the floorboards.

I've never had a proper surround sound system so am not sure if the speaker positioning is ok?

I think I've decided on a Denon 1912 AV receiver and some Monitor audio vector 5.1 speakers (The missus will approve of the Walnut finish ones!).

I'll hook up my record player via a phono stage

I currently have an old Marantz seperates system but with MP3s via an airport express the majority of it is redundant.

Could any of you chaps in the know have a look at my room layout and tell me if the speaker positioning is ok?

thanks in advance for any replies....


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Not quite...
I assume the red spots are the speakers? And that the sofa in front of the window (facing left in your diagram) is the main listening position?

If so, then for the TV position you've chosen, you can't do much better for the fronts and the surrounds.
But is that a centre speaker behind you?? The centre speaker should be where the TV is. Most people put it at the bottom of the screen, in the centre. But if the TV is particularly low, there's nothing to stop you mounting it above the centre of the TV.

Also you haven't marked your sub on anywhere. Somewhere in the front half of the room is ideal, but not essential. But for the sub especially, you should test it in position before laying and permanent cables, as changing position can really affect performance.


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The only thing I can see which could cause a problem is the front right speaker being so much in the corner. Each boundary close to a speaker tends to reinforce bass output.

That said, room can be difficult to predict and I'd say its a good enough starting point. (I'm assuming the dot in the window represents a sub.)


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Thanks guys.

I didn't mark the centre speaker as I assumed there's no choice with that 1.

I have put the sub right at the back as I have no room near the TV and I thought having it at 1 side would be 'unbalanced'.

Can I put the Sub beside one 1 of the side speakers?


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