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Jan 6, 2004
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I am currently contemplating the placement of my speakers for 6.1. Probably KEF 2005.2 Eggs

Its driving me nuts trying to decide the best position, as once the holes are drilled, that's it !

My old setup, at my previous house, was a Mission AV2 package.

I had the rear speakers on the back wall, fairly high up...bad idea.

The surround sound effect was not very good from the seating position.
Great when standing up about a quarter of the way into the room - doh !

This time I am thinking of placing the rears on the sidewalls, pointing towards the seating position. Problem is, that means only one sofa will get the proper effect !

Some of the magazines recommend a different placement.

Attached are some pics to show what I mean....

I am worried that option 2 will have a similar result as that in my old house. If I pull the back sofa a few feet forward in option 1 I imagine it would sound great

What do you think is the best positioning ?
Why not just try your different approaches with the cables running across the floor. Once you settle on what's best sound wise, then drill holes and run the cables fixed more permanently.

No one can really tell you what's best for your room. All rooms are different, and what works well for one may not for another.

I have mine set up similar to no 1.

It sounds great.

It is set up as they suggest on the dolby web-site, i.e. -

Rear speakers on the sidewall, facing each other - 2 to 3 feet above the listening position and slightly behind.

Apparantly, setting up the rears like this creates a diffused soundstage accross the rear of the room.

It certainly seems to work as the rear effects sound great, yet you can't really pin-point the source to one speaker.

I have my rear centre on the ceiling above my head and pointing down. It works a treat.

Just make sure you get your speaker levels adjusted correctly with the test tone - invest in a sound meter, you can get them from keane for £25 - well worth it in my opinion.
Thanks guys.

Trying it in different positions will be difficult as they need to be mounted on the walls i.e. there is no where to put them temporarily.

I am inclined to go for Option 1 anyway and sod the other sofa :D

Probably not clear from teh diagram, but the speakers would be placed about 7 ft high from the floor. The rear centre I would position probably about 8-9ft high, pointing down
I would for option 2. Having the TV in the centre isn't the best idea, but I think option 2 accounts for this the best and I feel is the more balanced option (and gives better separation to the rears).

I mounted my rear Kef Eggs quite high up at my old flat, pointing downwards and never found it a problem. Your previous problem with is sounding better standing up may be more to do with the choice of speakers (the FS2) whereas the Kefs should be Ok as long as they point at the sitting position. Lower rears would be better, but high up wouldn;t be a complete disaster and would provide added WAF I imagine.
Anymore thoughts on the speaker positioning ?
Hi Spy,

Just been searching the forums as I am trying to work out the exact same headache with the KEF's.

I presently have the rears facing each other in my living room, and although not brilliant they suffice for the time until I get a dedicated room. I also want to install a centre rear as I am trying to pre plan before the wiring gets installed by the sparky...not brilliant as I am planning all this virtually on paper without any solid accoustics to play with...until the wiring is complete (and the plaster dries!!)

So did you solve your hight decision and waht did you come up with? Have you any photos of your install?
Hi guys,
I've posted a couple of questions regarding the positioning of rear speakers aswell, so the points you're talking about are very interesting.
I have a canton CD1 speaker system, with the rears about a foot from the ceiling in the corners, pointing more or less forwards.

Would i be better puting the rears onto stands?, I'm not sure mrs vilaubas will go with mounting them half way down the walls, but if I could find a way to angle the cantons downwards (they are fixed in the straight ahead position) would this give the same result?.

I can get away with putting a rear middle speaker up by the ceiling pointing down, making 6.1, will there be a big benefit with this setup?


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