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Oct 18, 2001
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Hi all,

am trying to isolate my speakers (naim credos), but the current supplied spikes are not prominent enough to go through my carpet and underlay.

I am wondering if anyone knows of a company who sell very heavy stone or the like speaker plinths, they need not be spiked but it would be preferable.

I will then stand my speakers on these again using spikes.

Trouble is I have no idea where to look.

thanks in advance.

Your local DIY store/builders yard should have some patio slabs in. One of those, a lick of paint (or some material to cover it) and bobs your uncle :)
Wickes sell cheap Marble/Granite Tiles that would fit neatly and smartly under each speaker!!! They are about a foot square and come in a few different colours.

Stace :D
Adam I notice you are in London and there is a Marble / Granite shop at Crews Hill near Enfield Garden. Its at the top end near the station. They gave me a quote of about £140 for 3 marble slabs for my fronts and sub. I have there telephone No if you need it.
Originally posted by Adam M
Hi all,

am trying to isolate my speakers (naim credos), but the current supplied spikes are not prominent enough to go through my carpet and underlay.


I'd get onto Naim for some advice. There is no company more willing to help its customers. Even if you didn't buy new. There is a thriving second hand market for this great make. The company knows this and fully supports them all no matter how old.

Or go to the Naim forum (via Naim's website) and ask what others have done in this situation. I had the same problem myself.

I have my big floorstanders on adjustable Blackfoot stands. These are cast iron 'crossbars' screwed to the bottom of the speakers <via the original spike holes>. Greatly increasing the speaker's footprint. Don't just drill holes in the bottom of your speakers or they might leak!

Flat, solid steel bars (suitable drilled) could replace the commercial Blackfoots. Sharpen some long zinc plated bolts with a file and use a couple of nuts to allow spike adjustment. Or a small engineering firm/blacksmith will drill & thread spike holes in suitable flat steel bars to match sharpened bolts for a few quid. Otherwise just use 2 spanners with a nut above and below the bar using slightly oversize holes for your spikes.

My Blackfoot stands sit on 18" square x 2" thick heavy duty slabs. The big (gold plated) adjustable spikes from the Blackfoot stands rest on small coins. The slab rests on thick carpet and underfelt. With spikes this size they could penetrate any carpet. I preferred to use the slabs as well.

It should be kept in mind that any slabs will flatten squares on your carpet unless you support them on stable cones or other spacers. Matt black paint will 'domesticate' almost anything from looking like a concrete slab.

Always ensure that speakers are as stable as possible. Any rocking will deprive you of bass and dynamics in particular. Apart from being unsafe with kids about.

great advice guys thanks!


thanks for the number offer, but I have found a slightly more local granite/marble supplier who can help me out.
Just a question:
This may sound a bit drastic, but would it be best to actually cement the slabs to the concrete floor - then cut the carpet around them? I would have thought this would mean that the speaker will be in direct contact with the sub-floor, rather than floating on a slab?
I know it's probably a bit O.T.T. - but just a thought!!!


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