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Lucky Scotsman

I just got a receiver and sarround speakers and was wondering what was the best placement for my speakers.

I have the Eltax Liberty 5 pack and Eltax Atomic A-8 Sub.

The sub is placed at the right wall just in front of the front speakers, which are 7 foot appart with the centre speaker about half a foot above the height of the floor standing fronts. The sarrounds for this system are bipolers, which I have never used before.

What is the best placement for these?

For attaching them to the walls, I would have to have them level with myself at any height (probably 7 feet high). I don't really have a wall behind me as the stairs in the house are about 2 feet back from the couch and in the living room.

Can bipolers be set on stands placed behind the couch and out a little?

Thanks for any help.



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Ideally Bipoles should be directly so the side of your listening position so that their drivers are firing forwards & backwards to give you an enveloping sound. If you can´t place them to the side, then slightly behind will still work but make sure the speaker is facing you.

Lucky Scotsman

That's a releif, that's exactly where I placed them.

My room has a door on each wall on my left and right. The door on the left is from the back of my head away from me and the door on the right is from the front of my head going forward. This leaves a space almost exactly the width of the bipolars between each door, so I placed them there.

Must admit, it sounds very nice indeed.



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