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I always thought that rear speakers were supposed to be behind and at ear (seating) level. I am running out of room for equipment, seats etc. was wondering if anyone had any ideas/suggestions about wall/ceiling mounting a pair of Acoustic Energy 100's (about 6kg). I have not been able to find any suitable brackets, or if indeed, it is wise to mount directly above your head!!! Do you tilt the speakers down, inwards?????

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I find that positioning them on the side walls just infront of the listening position works well for me, you can also position them level or just behind the listening position on the side wall which gives good results.

Argos do a variety of wall brackets, max weight of 20kg on some. None of them are brand names associated with HC/HI-Fi but they are cheap and do their job.

As for mounting speakers above your head? Depends if you trust your own DIY. :D

I don't have my surrounds tilting downwards or angled inwards.

Originally posted by bob007
Depends if you trust your own DIY. :D
since mrs chips cabinets came crashing down on her head :mad: last year she wont let me touch a screwdriver. i'm gonna glue everything from now on

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