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I'm moving house in a couple of weeks and my lovely square living room is being replaced by a more rectangular shape with the TV to be located in one corner. I'm not sure about where to replace my rear speakers. I won't be sitting in the sofa a huge amount and will probably be sat towards the back wall but family and friends etc will be in the sofa. Between 'B' is a double door.

Not sure if my equipment matters but it's a set of Kef 2005.3 powered by a Denon 4300. I do hope to add some Atmos speakers at some point but that's way off in the future. I've attached a pretty crude drawing of the room which hopefully shows that it's a choice between point A or point B. Thanks for any help.



Worse possible position. Can you not use one of the other walls?


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Yeah I know not ideal at all. Really the only other option is above the fire place (although it wouldn't happen immediately). Which I guess would make A the obvious choice. I just have a worry about hanging a heavy plasma on a bracket!

Sorry should add the "wall' at the bottom isn't a wall but a window!
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