Speaker placement


Some advice please. I have a weird shaped living room and am wondering about speaker placement. Ive done a quick layout in paint, its not exactly to scale but you get the idea.

Shall I put bothe the speakers on the back wall, or shoule I move one of them onto the sloping wall. Speakers are in red (if you hadnt guessed already ;))

Your suggestions please..




Or another suggestion


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Your first layout would appear to be the best compromise. The only thing I would try to do is move the sub since it is in a tight corner which could cause problems with boomy bass. Could you put it on the other side of the room in the other corner and if front firing point it towards the door.
What speakers hae you got or getting? I would consider maybe geting so dipole/bipoles for the rears as this will give a more diffused sound with your limited rear space.

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