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Jan 21, 2004
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Rother'ham (donny lad)
Need help its driving me crazy.

Have a surround setup in my room its quite small. I have seem so many different diagrams of where to have your speakers i dont know what to believe.

Could someone please try and help me out with exactly how. I have the panasonic scht-900 so it has the tall stand things

i have the front 2 next to my tele at the moment the back two at each corner of the my back wall the sub next to me left speaker and my center under my tv. I have tried every combination dont know which one is best my girlfriend it going to kill me if i keep messing with them could someone put me straight

Cheers Lads
If the system you've got allows you to play "test tones" (usually white noise) through each speaker in turn then use this to set an equal balance between each speaker.

The setups that are recommended always presume a certain environment and cannot/don't take into account the shape of the room, furniture layout, materials in the furniture and . . . personal taste.

If it sounds just fine to you then it's right.

the sub location won't and shouldn't matter as those frequencies don't give the same impression of 'location' in the soundstage as others.
My girlfriend has growled at me so often for mucking about with placement and settings that I've lost count.

Sounds to me like you've got it about right. Try to get your front L/R and rear L/R speakers into a square of sorts, but keep the rears a reasonable distance from your listening postion. Mounting the rears higher than ear level is the norm, but not essential.

I've you're still not convinced that you've got it right, try this:

Find some DVD scenes with good spacial effects (a good one for me was the training wheel scene in the cave in The Mask of Zorro. When your girlfriend is well out of the area, move your speakers and yourself in the PERFECT textbook configuration (block doors, move sofa etc if you have to! :D ) . That'll hopefully give you a benchmark to work to when setting the speakers up for "real world" listening conditions

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