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Speaker placement


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Need to provide audio (high quality background) to one room which is 11m * 3m which also has an optional adjacent open plan (using sliding doors) room 4m * 4m.

It's pretty much one zone.

Thinking of using Netstreams Playmates feature to join multiple Amps into one zone.

Just trying to think of alternatives to lots of ceiling speakers but still providing good equal coverage.

Answers on a postcard.



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You have a few options, lots of ceiling speakers could work if it is just for music (easy to work out how many using a bit of maths), if you also play TV then you would have to think about delaying the ones away from the TV to fool the brain into thinking that the source is the TV and not above your head. Fairly easy to do using AV receiver or loudspeaker controller. I am not sure if netstreams will allow you to add delay to there amps?

The other option would be to use in/on-wall speakers, this would be my preferred choice in general. Neil has suggested some line source speakers, the good thing about these is that they have a very wide dispersion pattern and don't decay as you get further away as quickly as a normal point source loudspeaker, but I personally don't like them due to phase problems and the very narrow horizontal coverage.

Some decent in/on wall speakers using point source methods include Genelec, PMC, B&W to name a few.

A combination of the above may provide the solution, in/on walls either side of TV with in ceiling delayed correctly to give coverage accross the rest of the room.

If the room is going to be used for serious listening from a decent source then you may want to go for some decent floorstanders, then have in ceiling speakers switchable if they want to do serious listening or party mode for better coverage. You could even go for a false wall option with some high sensitivity speakers, Funktion-one for example.

If you post up more details I am sure we can come up with something.



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Speakercraft AIM Wide in-ceiling speakers have worked well for me in the past where the client had a large room to be filled with music but didn't want a large quantity of speakers installed. Quite deep though at 16.5cm so watch your void space.

Speakercraft Wide Overview

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