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I know there's a fair number of articles on line about this but I'm wondering what the general consensus of opinion is on best speaker placement (I have bookshelves). Tweeters at ear level, speakers as far apart as I am from them - ok but beyond that..

Is it totally down to the speaker/room or is there a best level of toe-in?

I've seen some articles saying the speakers should be 2' from the walls and your ears should also be 2' from the walls due to harsh sounds bouncing off walls behind. I wish I had a room that big to allow so much space... would being in a leather armchair where's the chair behind my ears prevent that and allow me closer to the wall?

I realise there's a lot of experimenting needed so just after starting points.

phil t

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I realise there's a lot of experimenting needed so just after starting points.

You've answered your own question. Experiment till you find what best suits you and sounds best to you.


Tweeters at ear level, speakers as far apart as I am from them.


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I'm presuming these speakers are on stands. What are the dimensions of your room and where are the door(s)/windows? Do the windows have flloor length curtains?

While Phil is correct, it's important to do the placement in a methodical manner and other furniture in the room will not only restrict placement but will possibly provide reflective surfaces for the sound in the room. The reflections from the wall behind you are easily fixed with a soft wall hanging.

When you are experimenting, it's handy to have a reel of masking tape that you stick to the floor to mark the position where they were before you try another. Very small distances can make significant differences to the sound you hear at the listening position (LP). If you are going to change the LP don't move the speakers at the same time.

Good luck


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Of course everything depends on the room and placement of the speakers vis a vis the room. But some things that worked for me significantly and not some perceived placebo effect (I have demoed the following at home in the last one month: Eltax Concept 180, which is front ported; Cambridge Audio S30, which is rear ported; and B&W 685, which is front ported).

  • If the speaker bass ports are in the rear, place the speakers at an optimum distance from the wall (begin with say 1 to 1.5 ft). Too far away and the bass will be weak, too close and it will be boomy.No problem if the speaker is front ported.
  • Place the speaker in an equilateral triangle, and turn the speakers in your direction. I would recommend a distance of say 8 ft between each corner, as in it works for me. The moment I move the speakers apart or closer there is a significant change (for the worse) in sound -- low bass, poor imaging etc.
  • Imagine the speakers having an intersection point through you. Now try moving the speakers so the imaginary intersection point meets behind you, through you, and in front of you.
  • A decent stand for bookshelf speakers would do.
  • As the previous comment posters have said, just try different options.

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