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Hi guys,

I have a small issue with a lack of bass and I can't seem to find a solution so I was hoping someone could help. My setup is as shown in the attached picture. The rear speakers are at ceiling level and angled down to the listening position, all front speakers are at ear level when sitting on the Sofas. The bass seems to dissapear when sitting on Sofa 1 but if I stand up in the area behind sofa 1 (the green area on the pic) there is LOADS of bass. I've tried moving the sub around as much as the GF will allow and still can't seem to sort it out. Moving the sofa isn't an option as the GF won't let me change the room around. Does any one have any suggestions that will help. I pretty sure I've tried everything I can but I might have missed something. Please help!! :lease:

My setup is as follows:

Dennon DHT550SD
MS Premiere Plus Speakers (MS302 x4, MS304 centre and MS309W Sub)


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My friend has an almost exact setup with the exact same speakers, have you told the AV amp that ALL your surround speakers are SMALL, the crossover freq should be set at around 120Hz. By the way he gets more bass than he can handle.


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Yes, all the speakers are set to small and the crossover is set at 120Hz. It's not that there is no bass at all, just there is no bass in my sitting position. The bass is huge is I sit 3-4ft back but I don't want to have to move the sofa everytime I want to hear some bass! I was hoping someone might sugest a new position for the sub that might help then I can try and convince the GF that the sub looks better in its new position!!

Thanks for the help though.


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One "trick" is to put your sub in your seating position and then crawl around on your hands and knees listening out for the "sweet spot"!


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To get more bass out of your sw:

a) place it in a corner (left or right to the current position)

b) put it behind sofa one, change phase to reverse

Maybe one of the two suggestions help.


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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try the crawling round on my hands and knees trick tomorrow when I am back at home.

Thanks again guys.


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